Curriculum FAQ

What curriculum does South Carolina require?

State law does not require that a specific curriculum be followed, however it dictates that homeschools include the following: Minimum Subjects Required in Grades 1-6:

  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
Beginning in 7th Grade the Following Must be Added:
  • Literature
  • Composition
Continue reading for more info on highschool requirements

What are the big differences in the curriculum available?

There are a very large number and variety of curricula available on the market. Some curricula cover only specific subjects, whereas others are all-encompassing. Some curricula are very grade specific; others provide the complete coverage of all elementary & secondary grades. Finally, most curricula are published in printed form; but, an increasing number are available electronically. You will need to study the options carefully to choose the curricula that's right for each of your children Scroll down to see a list of Curriculum retailers

Curriculum Requirements for a High School Diploma through HOPE

The student must earn a total of 24 units of credit. Your child may earn more than the total number of 24 credits at the completion of 12th grade. I strongly recommend checking with the college your child may be attending prior to his senior year. This will insure that he meets their entrance requirements. The unit requirements are distributed as follows:

  • English/Language Arts - 4.0
  • Mathematics - 4.0
  • Science - 3.0
  • U.S. History and Constitution - 1.0
  • Economics - 0.5
  • U.S. Government - 0.5
  • Other Social Studies - 1.0
  • Physical Education or Junior ROTC - 1.0
  • Computer Science (Incl. keyboarding) - 1.0
  • Foreign Language or Career and Technology Education* - 1.0
  • Electives - 7.0
* For a student in a College Prep program to meet the high school diploma requirements, one unit must be earned in a foreign language (most four-year colleges/universities require 2 - 3 years of the same foreign language).

Where do I get Curriculum?

You must purchase your own curriculum. HOPE does not provide nor sell curriculum. The following publishers offer complete curricula for each grade level. You can purchase all or portions of their products depending on your child’s needs.

Homeschool Resource Distributors: