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High School Credit Class Guidelines

When researching educational curricula/programs, consider a program that offers:

  • Courses that are four-year College preparatory.

  • Option for Honors

High School Credit Class Guidelines (Traditional classes)

  • Courses should have significant rigor, content and assessments that challenge the student to engage, to think and to learn. 

  • This includes actual instruction, not just the student working on their own. There should be feedback,conversations and questions between the two parties.

  • Courses should require ongoing access between the instructor and student, as well as regular interaction for purposes of teaching, evaluating, and providing assistance.

  • This may include e-mails between the student/parent and teacher, feedback on assignments, and the opportunity for the teacher to provide individual instruction to the student.

  • The instructor should provide a 6 week interim report. Based upon the report, the student/parent has the right to drop the class, bring the grade up or fail the class. 

  • Courses must have a defined time period for completion. It should be clear whether the course is meant to be taken for an entire semester or an entire school year.

  • Teachers should encourage their students to keep their coursework as part of their high school portfolio.  

* Courses with content and concepts that are taught and mastered in primary or middle school do not fit this description.  

High School Credit Class Guidelines (Non-traditional classes)

  • May or may not have a teacher-based instruction.(e.g., the instruction may be on dvd)

  • May or may not require regular and ongoing interaction between the student and the teacher.

  • May only require students to finish part of a class. (e.g., the student only has to complete a portion of a course)

  • May or may not be less rigorous.

  • May or may not have an interim report given to the student/parent.

  • May or may not have formal assessments. 

  • May or may not have any official student grade or student activity information. 

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