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Homeschoolers Drive Too!

Do you have a teen that is ready to get their drivers license? Keep reading to find out how to help your home educated teen have the least frustrating experience at the dreaded DMV.

All teens under 17 must attend an accredited driving school. You will receive a PDLA form from the driving school that you must take with you to the DMV. The middle section

states that it needs to be signed by the administrator, which, as the parent/guardian, is you.

Teens under 17 must also have proof that they are currently in school or have graduated high school. The accountability letter that you receive from HOPE has all the information you should need, but please call your local DMV to make sure you are not forgetting anything.

Unfortunately, HOPE can not calm your nerves or reduce your insurance premium increase.

Personal note, if you and your teen have smart phones, I encourage you to download the Life360 tracking app. It is free unless you choose to upgrade. However, even the free version allows you the peace of mind of being able to track your teen and know they are safe as they are driving. Just be advised, they can track you too.


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