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Why I Started Homeschooling: Susan

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Our Busby homeschooling journey began in 1994. In 1985 when our oldest daughter was 10 months old, we visited a lifetime friend in California. Our friend encouraged us to homeschool and took us to visit a homeschool family while there. I didn't get the courage to start until 1994 when Haley was in fourth grade, Caleb was entering kindergarten, and Becca, our youngest was two. I really felt God told me to homeschool my children. I wanted to be able to sow the Word of God into their lives throughout the school days. I felt that school was extremely important but should not take up most of their days and evenings. I wanted learning to be fun. I learned of Charlotte Mason who encouraged nature hikes with sketches and field guides, retelling stories called narration, and whole book learning. I loved learning while reading whole books about historical people or events without the boring bits and pieces. 

    I have to say there were days I asked myself... "Why did I decide to homeschool?" I always remembered God called me to this, and He would equip me for His calling. I knew I wasn't the smartest person to school my children, but I did know I loved them more than any human could, and I would give it my best. I adamantly adored getting up in the mornings having a peaceful breakfast together, teaching and reading what the Holy Spirit gave me from His Word, and reading our historical or classic books together first.

    I ended up homeschooling our three all the way through high school. When Haley graduated from Clemson I felt I was graduating too... although I was 9 months pregnant at 47 with our fourth child, who was born ten days later! God blessed us with a little girl who we named Emma Charis. I just thought my homeschooling days were almost over. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see these big families at our CC co-op that the Mom's homeschool when I have only one child, but then I remember, oh yeah, I've done that before!

    I have many part-time jobs to be able to help out and continue homeschooling, Emma. Are there days I ask why am I doing this? Sure! But then I remember back in 1994 when God asked me to start this amazing, wonderful, exciting journey, and I say, "Yes Lord, I will!"


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